Many of us have become familiar with virtual conferences in the past several years. AESS uses a platform called PheedLoop. A few notes about what to expect in the conference sessions:

The presentations for presentation panels are NOT pre-recorded. Individual research presentations will be given LIVE during Lightning Talks. There will be Q&A. Panels, seminars, and workshops will also be conducted live during their scheduled dates/times. Poster presentations will be a virtual gallery walk.

We expect you to become familiar with logging into the system before and navigating the virtual portal before the session you with to attend. Most issues that arise are related to network speed/signal strength, browser compatibility, and mic/camera permissions.


From now until June 20, please avail yourself of the following support options:

check FAQs on this page
email events@aessonline.org
view PheedLoop knowledgebase
view Zoom support pages

During the live portions June 20-21, please utilize the lobby chat feature in the virtual portal for prompt responses. For less urgent matters, please use one of the following options above.

Pheedloop integrates with Zoom and has made multiple advancements since our 2021 virtual event. You will be able to view and interact with the presenters in the PheedLoop virtual event portal.

Frankly, sometimes technology doesn’t work the way we intend/wish/need. There is always a fail-safe method available to give you the best possible chance of participating in sessions. If you are experiencing issues, you can click on “experiencing issues” while on a session page and then use the zoom url to open up an instance of zoom outside of the virtual portal.

If you do this… you must disconnect your audio from the virtual portal. If you connect audio in two places, you will have a terrible echo.

Our conference will be primarily LIVE presentations followed by discussion. There will be NO pre-recorded material to review in advance of attending a session. Attendees are invited to connect and participate in any of the events on June 20-21. Our poster presentations will have a live “virtual poster walk” session where speakers will be live to discuss their research. Their posters will remain up for perusal throughout the two days.

We will be using Zoom video conferencing. Pheedloop integrates with Zoom, and you will be able to connect virtually through our event portal. If you have connection issues, there’s always a fail-safe method of clicking the “having trouble” link and opening zoom outside of the portal.

If you have registered, you have the ability to sign into the virtual portal and noodle around. We invite you to do this before June 20.

Your sessions will all be live. There are no pre-recorded materials being collected. 

Please confirm with your zoom host if you have any questions about screen share or wish to test anything beforehand. Your audience may post questions in chat or use the “raise hand” feature. Your zoom host will help you facilitate Q&A to your preference.

  • Register for the conference.  All participants are expected to register. (https://aessconference.org/registration/)
  • Prepare Lightning Talks using our provided format; we will be adhering to the time limit in order to give everyone equal time to present and adequate discussion period following.

If you would like to make any changes to your title, abstract, or speaker profile, you may do so at any time in your Pheedloop speaker portal.

Full details on presentation instructions can be found in your Pheedloop speaker portal.

Questions?  Contact events@aessonline.org

We are excited to introduce you to the virtual poster session at the AESS 2020 Low-Carbon Conference.  We have created a unique poster showcase profile for you, and we want to introduce you to your private poster showcase portal where you will manage your poster presentation details. This portal is separate from the conference virtual event portal and your speaker portal. We strongly suggest that you bookmark your poster showcase portal login page.

Save your poster presentation in this portal in one of the following formats:

File: this can be a single image of your presentation, a powerpoint with multiple slides, etc.
Link: this can be a link to your website, a published google doc (public viewable only), etc.
Video: copy/paste a link to YouTube if you prefer to save your presentation on this platform.

Note: this portal will have extra features that you do NOT need to worry about. Please ignore the following areas:

Lead retrieval, managers and tickets, products and services, purchases and contracts
You do NOT need to upload any logos/images under edit design, though you are welcome to customize this area to your liking if you wish.

During the poster session June 20 (2:10pm eastern/1:10pm central/11:10 pacific), you will log into the AESS Virtual Event portal and go to the “Posters” area. Here, you can select your presentation and see who shows up to review your work or ask you a question.

Outside of the poster presentation time, you will still  be able to interact with attendees who view your poster presentation. You will see private messages in the networking/chats area as well as messages in your poster presentation page. We hope that you will also take time to attend other live Q&A sessions and interact with other speakers.

Questions?  Contact events@aessonline.org.

Register for the conference.  https://aessconference.org/registration/
Access the virtual event using your unique login credentials

The conference will be primarily LIVE sessions with the option for attendees to explore posters in a virtual gallery walk, at their leisure.

Visit our event website and peruse the schedule and session details: https://site.pheedloop.com/event/2024AESS/schedule

Before emailing, try the following steps first:

Go to https://site.pheedloop.com/event/2024AESS/speakers
Search for your name (or a co-presenter’s name)
Click on your profile
Choose your presentation title, click on it
You will see the parent session name, date, and time (all times on this ^ website are EDT)

If you cannot attend but still wish to engage, you will have the option to ask questions using the session chat feature or sending presenters a private message. In this way, attendees can review many more presentations than a typical event and engage with each other for months to come.

AESS does not own presentations and will not distribute or use presentations without express consent of the author. Attendees who wish to use or share presentations outside of the event must obtain permission from the original presenters/authors.

First – thank you for your support and membership! You can view your code when you log into your membership profile.

If you are not a dues-paying member with an account at aessonline.org, you will not see a code. We invite you to join!

Most of the time this is because your bank is declining your card. Call your bank and tell them the charge is approved from you. If this does not work, email events@aessonline.org and request an invoice in the amount of your registration. We will invoice you via Square. Turn-around time for this is 1 business day.

To participate in the live Q & A sessions, you must have the following capabilities:

A device that has a web browser that supports plugins and scripts for chats and videos. If you can’t access zoom from it or view videos, it won’t be a good fit for our live session portion.
Google Chrome is the recommended browser by our software provider.
A microphone OR the ability to type in questions to the chat box.

To merely view and browse session descriptions and speakers, you are welcome to use the event website https://site.pheedloop.com/event/2024AESS/ on any device that supports web browsing.

You may access the virtual portal via tablet and smartphones, but you might not enjoy the same capabilities. Notably, you may not see session level public chats, but you may still message speakers at any time by clicking on their profile name.

Please take time to become familiar with the portal before June 20. Questions? email events@aessonline.org.

Sound issues are local issues specific to your device and setup. We recommend the following troubleshooting steps:

Use Google Chrome. Make sure it is the updated version.
Be sure you are allowing pop-ups and cookies for PheedLoop.com
Allow Pheedloop and Zoom to access your audio and video when prompted.
Restart your browser.
Restart your machine.

When all else fails, connect to the session via Zoom web by clicking on the “Experiencing Issue? Click here for live stream options” button below the video container in PheedLoop.

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