AESS 2023 Multi-Day Professional Event co-located with ASLE

Reclaiming the Commons

Dear AESS Community:   

We are pleased to announce plans for the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences (AESS) 2023 in-person conference Reclaiming the Commons to be held in Portland, Oregon this July 9-12!

AESS is a member-led scholarly and professional organization in Environmental Studies and Sciences (ESS). We are a welcoming community with a grassroots feel, and also a global leader in innovative interdisciplinary environmental research, teaching, and curriculum development. Our conferences feature a diverse mix of talks and workshops by scholars, activists, practitioners, and advocates, and include exciting opportunities for early career ESS scholars and students. AESS also hosts the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences (Springer Publishers) and a book series, the AESS Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies and Sciences Series (Springer Nature). Our annual conference provides opportunities to network, contribute your work, and participate in inclusive and empowering discussions about the past, present, and future of ESS.

The AESS 2023 Conference welcomes ESS-related panel and presentation proposals in the interdisciplinary sciences, social sciences, natural resource management, natural sciences, environmental humanities, sustainability, education, activism, and more.  To reflect our commitment to scholar and practitioner development and mentorship, we welcome presentations at all stages, from proposal to implementation to publication. 

This year AESS is co-locating with the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE). Our event aims to offer attendees opportunities to network and collaborate across disciplines. The conference will contain sessions jointly sponsored as well as our traditional AESS presentation sessions. Stay tuned for more details in the early fall.

We will still be soliciting proposals in several areas of emphasis to facilitate member connections and collaboration, presentations and poster sessions, networking events and workshops. Each area of emphasis connects with broader commitments of AESS to social, environmental, and racial justice. Proposals beyond these areas are welcome. All relevant topics for presentations and panels will be considered.  

Please join us!

Your voice is an important part of our community— come build on our shared commitment to a just and equitable future and collaborate on our efforts to support healthy environmental systems.

– Kat Owens
AESS President